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New Technology. Patents are Applied for:

  • Rotary Crimpers travel in straight line while making end-seals. Adjustable travel 2 1/2" to 7"
    Provides vastly increased sealing time, enabling machine to handle heavy, gas-barrier, laminated films.
  • The Super-Seven Wrapper can now produce MAP (Modified Atmosphere) flexible film Packages, requiring longer sealing time for heavier films.
  • The design of this Long Dwell Head System resolves the end sealing problem without using Box Motion Devices which proved insufficient gain in sealing time and creates excessive maintenance - All at high Initial Cost.
  • The ROTO-CLIP LINEAR MOTION can be disengaged, allowing you to operate the SUPER-SEVEN as a conventional Flow-Wrap Machine, utilizing higher speeds and lighter gauge film, for other products not requiring the Long Dwell Format.

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