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  • Programmable logic control (PLC),
  • Base machine backstand and subassembly castings coated in "Steel-It" stainless steel/epoxy coating.
  • All Servo drives are within machine base and are equipped with adjustable torque control.
  • All Servo motors are IP65 waterproof motors.
  • Sanitary full cantilevered design and construction with Stainless Steel contact parts.
  • Self centering film roll arbor with automatic brake will accept maximum width roll of 22 1/4" up to 15" diameter
  • System for opening heated set of fin seal wheels when machine stops, auto close when started.
  • One-up cut/seal head with heaters behind each crimp section, driven by a brushless servo motor, servo controlled.
  • Ability to phase and seal to product, while running
  • Auto "open" position of end seal crimpers on stop, to prevent product damage while stopped.

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