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Simple and Easy to Operate.
All adjustments are made
with knobs, dials and



Automatic Horizontal Fin Seal Wrapping Machine


The SUPER-SANWRAPER wraps a wide variety of products in a wide variety of sizes. products are fed manually or automatically.

Reaches speed up to 120 ppm. depending on length of product, type of film, and ability to feed products to machine.

Can be used with any heat-seal wrapping material such as cello, polypropylene, coated paper, foil, glassine, various heat-seal laminates, co-extruded HDPE/LDPE/EVA or cold seal papers.

Changes sizes with no tools required. Changeovers accomplished in minutes. Rugged construction base machine frame, guards and subassembly castings coated in "STEEL-IT" stainless steel, 2 part epoxy coating. Contact parts are made of 304 stainless. machine is USDA approved.


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